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After Photorejuvenation ipl attention and care issues

After Photorejuvenation note.

     1,24 hours Do not use irritating skin care, cosmetics, it is recommended to use only cold water or cold water cleansing.

     2, if the treatment area marked red on the skin may become very vulnerable at this time not to make-up, not friction operation area can be properly cold (not ice).

     3, after the operation of individual parts of the shell may be formed callus small, careful not to scratch by hand.

     4, a very small number of patients with severe post-operative reaction may be (such as redness or blisters), should avoid abrasions and, if damaged can be applied antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.

     5, not the use of mercury, halogen whitening cosmetics, such as spices and perfumes.

     6, in at least three weeks after the operation, as well as during the entire course of treatment, should avoid sun exposure.

     7, regardless of clear one, summer, sunscreen should be used whether or not to go out. Sunscreen of sun protection factor (SPF) may not be less than 15, can also block UVA and UVB, and has waterproof. Sunscreen every morning will be shining once rubbed up at noon, outdoor activities for every 2-3h re-apply once; night moisturizing cream can be used.

     8, when they go out to use UV umbrella and broad-brimmed hat to keep out direct sunlight.

     9, should not be used to increase light-sensitive drugs such as sulfonamides, tetracycline, isotretinoin, etc. A acid; less photosensitive consumption of vegetables, such as parsley, celery, mint, basil, fig, asparagus, carrots and so on.


 After Photorejuvenation care


 The first 1-3 days of waiting for pain relief scab

     Photorejuvenation done will bring varying degrees of swelling, pain, tissue fluid exudation, the time is after about 24-72 hours. If, unfortunately, the inflammation of the wound exudate or blood, do not rub anything in a hurry Oh, let her do it, the situation is serious, please seek medical treatment in time. Life of the law, pay attention to rest, can be beneficial to wound healing.


 The first 4-6 days to reduce tension relieve dry itching

     In the first three days after the pain, has entered a second phase of the test, it is the beginning of the dry itchy scab. The lifting of dry itch is the only way to become so wound moist, but must not rub cream, as easier to extend the emulsifier wound healing time, and should choose a water-based things. For example, cosmetic spray, after-sun Repair Gel, the highly sensitive skin moisturizing products used and so on. Multi-coated fine point, and constantly meeting Tu, a itch up on the James, not a hand to flex.

     Wait until the 6th day, the wound has been basically the whole if the scab, then very little can be Cleanser, gently wash to a face, but must use latex-like or jelly-like facial products, will more moderate. Washed, coated with a water-based emulsion, containing oil of trace to enable the skin to reduce some of the strained sense.

 The first 7-14 days of the initial clean and highly efficient moisture

     Photorejuvenation, there will be a week's time can not clean the skin, so skin is normal variation, do not worry. Wait until after the 7th day, the most important cleaning and maintenance is the depth of moisture. In the meantime, you can choose to deep clean of the paste is so moisturizing mask, because it will be dead skin wetting, in a clean natural shedding process, do not squeeze to pull to pull the scab or wound. After the moisture of the paste mask, do a coated film of moisture, can greatly reduce the discomfort felt face.

     7 days prior to the use of sunscreen is absolutely not, and can only wear hats, masks, umbrella, a word to my face the package. Scar face completely, you can use some of the powder with SPF, because it is a purely physical sunscreen to avoid penetration into the skin. At the same time Please note that SPF is not high, SPF15 about you, the sun is high, an increase of stability.

 Photorejuvenation done after the short-term maintenance

     Photorejuvenation finished with the most taboo or alcoholic products, such as Exfoliating Scrub, scrub enzymes, acid, acid vitamins, acid, salicylic acid, etc., can not be used. Should be used to contain collagen, cell growth factor in skin care products, etc., organizations can benefit wound regeneration. In addition, strong ultraviolet radiation but also to prevent direct long.

 Photorejuvenation done after the long-term maintenance

     After Photorejuvenation after the skin has become smooth, but that does not mean they can do not have a care and maintenance. The basis of skin care or must adhere to in order to ensure optimal results.